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xpatUSA wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

... or an electric motor (i.e. a Tesla), which frankly I think are better than those engines that burn fossil fuels, because electric motors give instant power, don't require a starter motor, are virtually maintenance-free (don't require oil changes), and don't fill the air we breathe with poison. I've never heard of anyone being killed, because someone left their electric car turned on in their garage. ...

... and, as all those Teslas et al owned by rich Floridians get plugged in, every fossil-fueled power station in the USA emits more pollution than it would have, especially them Yankee coal-fired ones.

No wonder New Yorkers cough more than we do - not to mention Canuks and Icelanders ...

Relative who designs cars. Here's what he had to say. Electric cars are not perfect. The technology is young and immature. You can power them through coal plants. But 1) Biggest thing: the technology is nowhere near tapped out like gas engines are, meaning, it is much easier to get better performance/weight with a battery than an engine. 2) The power source. Decoupled from the power source, batteries can get their energy from a variety of sources. It is not limited. Gas engines can only get their power from oil products/corn basically. That's it. 3) Durability/useability. Because there are so many fewer parts, the durability goes way up. Also, as battery technology shrinks, the human interior space will increase. 4) Environmental cost. The environmental cost of electric is high. Mining for lithium/other metals is damaging and polluting. But going back to 1) there are ideas and plans to use sodium instead of lithium and other materials. 5) This is the biggest one in his opinion. With all the major car companies dumping loads into battery R&D, you will see products and designs that nobody can imagine today. Imagine much better electronics that don't have to be plugged in, with low battery a thing of the past. This is coming.

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