Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

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Re: Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

michaeladawson wrote:

I'm sorry I don't really have a response that addresses your questions. The software question was answered by the previous responder.

I'm curious as to why you want to shoot dual systems. I understand finally updating the original 5D. If I was shooting professionally for a business I would want to go to my jobs with the same brand of gear. I'd want to be able to interchange equipment, chargers, memory cards, lenses, etc. I'd want the cameras to operate the same way when out on a shoot.

Both brands are really good. But I would pick one or the other, not both.

I guess I like trying new things in the gear aspect.. and since I have this Canon system for a while.. I don't mind trying new stuff and seeing the difference..

In real world...I'd have the Nikon mounted with a portrait prime ..either a 50 or 85..or as suggested above..the 105 and use that at a brides home portrait coverage...and having my Canon mounted with my 24 105 for the bride prep and family portraits sequence..basically as I do now..except one body would be a Nikon..

I don't know what it is...but the Nikon is just enticing for some reason...


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