Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

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Re: Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

henrya41 wrote:

I only know one pro photographer who shoots BOTH Canon and Nikon. they are an architecture photographer, who mainly works with a Nikon, but has to use Canon occasionally because there is one specific Tilt / Shift Lens that only Canon makes.

On the other hand, I know plenty of photographers who have switched systems completely. It's always a good idea to make everything compatible.

Redundancy is always important in wedding photography (and all event photography for that matter). Something is bound to break eventually. If your gear is split between Nikon and Canon, you run the risk of losing half your kit if one of the bodies breaks.

I love my D850, but is there something you think it will do that a Canon body can't do?

I must say that is a very valid point.. Never thought about that.. and I have back ups upon back ups in my Canon gear - especially flashguns..(they all suck that's why.. Canon and third party as well.. but that another story)..

Actually once my mirror fell off of one of the 5Ds I was using.. quickly switched to the second body as the main camera.

Still up in the air.. I like change and challenge I guess.. thats why I'm thinking along this route..

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