Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

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Re: Anybody shoot both systems: Canon FF and Nikon FF for their business?

Hey.. thank you vert munch.. your reply was very very helpful.. I like the idea of the 105 prime..I ll tell you why..

I have the 24-70 2.8L and even the though I was bound to it over a few years.. I also had the 24-105L - but then my truck got broken into on a wedding shoot.. (we were scouted by thieves in this highly "wedding shoot" city area)  anyhow.. I replaced the 24-105 with a new version.. {not sure if its a Gen II or not.. its been a while}.. anyhow.. the second version I received  was a diamond lens.. I mean it just took the IQ of images to another level, clarity, colour, sharpness, just a new world  -  that the first copy I had did not come close... I don't know what it was.. all that to say.. the 24-70 is on the shelf last few years..

Thus.. I love the depth range at 105.. I don't find it too close at all; I find myself often at the end of the zoom range..actually  the 135 L 2.0 I had then sold it..(I know bad move)..but  i found it tough to shoot  in small room (primarily portraits of grooms and brides. not all my clients live in chateaus..

So primes will be the aim.. and the 105 sounds perfect,,

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