History repeating itself in the market

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mamallama wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

Manufacturers are chum-feeding smartphones to a frenzied populace they've hooked on an endless addiction cycle to social media.

Amidst the epidemic of selfies, mental health has never been poorer and the prevalence of body dysmorphia never been higher. It's not the photography, per se, that drives adoption, but rather the promise of more attention, regard, and recognition that the new device might garner.

And manufacturers are all too happy to feed this desperate and maladaptive quest for likes and validation with hyped promises.

But the devices always fall short--because that's what addiction is: you can never have enough. And so the cycle continues...

Smartphones have become a necessity in modern life more than an addiction . They have replaced telephones, newspapers, computers, communication devices, television, map, etc. not to mention cameras.

The cell phone has also replaced the functions that your wallet was normally used for.

The need to have the latest smartphone doesn't stem for the phone's ability to do all that. Almost any phone within the last 10 years is more than capable of handling those tasks.

No, that need arises because of addiction--to banners, notifications, and sounds designed to distract and addict, to continuous scrolling algorithms that keep feeding new information as one scrolls, to games and their endless loot-boxes, and to the host of toxic social media apps, whose algorithms are biased against fact and which keep feeding the junkies their dopamine fix of likes..

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“He who establishes his argument by noise and command, shows that his reason is weak.”

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