History repeating itself in the market

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Rambow wrote:

If anyone wants to show how deeply flawed my logic is, grab an iphone 13, take some images and then take an iphone from 3-4 years ago and do the same- can you tell which phone produced which image in a blind test?

I can between my say former iPhone 5s and current 12. Even though I discarded most all the bad 5s photos. Although a good image from the 5s and a crop from the 12 often look the same

Ditto for my say Nikon 50D and R6 though. Or an even older Canon P&S.

Not sure your logic is flawed, since I didn't quite follow it, but a good old digital image from ANY digital camera can still be worthy vs a comparable current one. Probably lower resolution, but even my 110 film images aren't as good for big prints as the 6x7s. So not sure what the point is, other than that old stuff could produce good images, and still does. But new equipment can still capture scenes the old stuff couldn't.

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