History repeating itself in the market

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Re: History repeating itself in the market

Joe Bagadonuts wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

Joe Bagadonuts wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

vaughanB wrote:

In the early days of digital cameras, there was rapid advance with new releases of all kinds of dedicated cameras almost daily, as time went on, heaps of these were discarded as people upgraded regularly for improved image quality and features, this lasted for years but as the technology matured the new releases slowed and now we are almost at a standstill certainly with respect to compact cameras

We now see exactly the same thing happening with smartphones, masses of development, feverish upgrading by consumers and heaps of inexpensive used smartphone (bargains IMO) appearing on ebay often taken in part ex for a new shiny model

Its just as interesting and exciting as the early days of dedicated cameras for me, it has certainly restored my interest

Good that we are all different. My response to smartphone evolution is meh!!

We are all well aware of where you stand.

Apart from personal sniping, what exactly is the point of this comment?

Just to save you some time and energy from endlessly saying the same thing regarding cell phone cameras. At this point, even you must be tired of it, no?

So basically personal sniping, that is not being nice.

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