Those "Perfect" cameras...

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Those "Perfect" cameras...

I easily recall shooting with my D300 and D700 and thinking, "wow! Why would I ever need anything better than these two cameras?"

Of course we all know that such common sense is transitory and that got me thinking....

Which cameras (recently) nail the design factors down perfectly or nearly so...

#1: The Z7II. Sheesh! Darn! This thing just doesn't miss a beat. As great as my D850 was (is), this is a superior shooting tool 99% of the time. Anyone who has shot with it extensively knows the deal.

#2: D850. Need I explain why? Still my ergonomic favorite and insanely good at everything you throw at it. I find it even more versatile than the D5 or D6.

#3: Zfc. What? A fairly inexpensive mirrorless with a old school interface and glam factor? You bet. But underneath all the fun and glitz is something very solid and like the Z7II, it just doesn't miss a beat. All you really need is the 16-55vr and maybe the 28mm 2.8 or 24-200mm. A great companion to a Z7 or Z6 to be sure!

#4: Fuji X100v and Leica Q2: It's a tie! Even though I ended up preferring the X100 over the Q2, they're both stunning achievements in fixed lens tech. The Q2's sensor and lens are pure joy, but the package is insulted by a lack of integrated flash (useful for fill candid work). The X100v has all the dials and the amazing hybrid finder. Love 'em both!

#5: D4s: Here's a camera I shot with, but never got around to buying. I still prefer it over the D5 and D6 and it's a beast of a shooting tool with a sensor that still looks amazing. You can probably shoot a D4s forever.

Anyway...those are my favorites! Let's hear yours!


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