History repeating itself in the market

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Buying old broken iphones for hundreds of dollars is a real bargain, same as paying $900 for a new one.

Fixing them up is real easy too, with sealed, glued in batteries, firmware that can't be downgraded to fix lag, paired hardware and many other treats.

And of course, the developments. Smartphones now have multiple, extra small sensors, optical zoom and automatic processing, making the latest and most expensive phone capable of taking slightly worse, but way more overprocessed images than a pocket camera could a decade ago.

A motorola brick phone(ex. Zn5/ran Linux) from almost 15 years had things xenon flash, memory card and the basic ability to send images via bluetooth. Not to mention hot swap battery, 3.5mm jack and other useful stuf. But with some of the new smartphones, you don't need all that stuff, you have whatsapp and google and that's enough.

To top things off, all smartphones released today look exactly the same, as to not promote any sort of diversity or jealousy among users.

If anyone wants to show how deeply flawed my logic is, grab an iphone 13, take some images and then take an iphone from 3-4 years ago and do the same- can you tell which phone produced which image in a blind test?

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