Issue with RF 24-105 L

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Re: Issue with RF 24-105 L

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I have been reading more on the web about Canon's 24-105L f4 series of lenses (EF gen 1, EF gen 2, and RF). Bottom line is that Canon has difficulty in producing uniform quality lens to lens for this series. Some exclaim the virtues of their Canon 24-105L lenses while others, such as myself, find that they have poor to unacceptable lenses in terms of resolution and contrast across the frame. Often one side is different than the other or some corners are different than their opposite ones. Some focal lengths, predominantly but not always at the wide end tend to be where problems show themselves. This is while being cognizant that such a lens isn't going to match a prime lens or one with a smaller zoom ratio or covering more similar focal lengths. It is also while recognizing that the sides and edges of lenses do not resolve as sharply as the center. It appears that Canon can make these lenses properly but not on a consitent basis. What is troublesome is that they allow such lenses with poor/unacceptable performance to pass their QC inspections both during manufacturing and as I documented above, after servicing for this exact issue. I am still waiting for Canon to repair/replace my lens for the second time. I simply want this lens to perform nicely to (hopefully) excellently vs. the way it currently does. I have reasonable expectations for this type of lens having been shooting since 1981. I have had Canon A1, T90, 5DMIII, R5, Minolta and Sony SLRs and DSLR, Medium format (Mamiya RB67 and Bronica 645), and even a 4X5 view camera. I have had lenses from Canon, Minolta, Sony, Tamron, Sigma, etc. I believe that my expectations for this lens are reasonable. I simply want a copy that matches those realistic expectations.

i have heard the same issues you have experienced with your 24-105 f4. i feel fortunate to have had good luck with mine. it is a shame to see people spend money on these lenses and have nothing but aggravation with them. hope your lens is still under warranty or have time left to return it to canon.

good luck.

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