Will I gain something from underexposure?

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Re: Will I gain something from underexposure?

amit190 wrote:


For a given scene , shutter must be 1/200 ,aparture must be 2.8 .

For normal exposure (0) -auto iso is 1000.

Will I get better results by underexpose and add exposure in post?

(Camera is a7c if it helps)


If you are talking about adjusting the iso to a smaller number, IMO it will not change the exposure.  That's because exposure is not affected by iso.  Iso dictates the mapping of the data to produce the brightness of the final result, but does not in any way affect the data that is generated by "exposing" the sensor to a given amount of light.  The image will be "exposed" identically at 1/200 and f/2.8 in either case.

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