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Re: 7DIII? NO LENSES...the end for APS-c DSLR

davev8 wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

davev8 wrote:

Chuck6345 wrote:

Still any reliable info on a possible Canon 7Diii before the 3rd millennium?

i let you be the judge whether any more APS-c bodies are coming ....the profit is in the lenses right..here is a list of APS-c lenses Canon has announced are being discontinude

Those are EF-S mount. All that says is there will be no more APS-C DSLR bodies. It says nothing for a potential APS-C mirrorless.

well obviously they are DSLR lenses ..but as i was replying to the OP that was asking about whether there will be a 7Diii DSLR or not ..he did not ask about a new APS-c MILC

The fact that more than 1/2 the APS-c lenses have been discontinued in 1 go is a strong indication there won't be any new APS-c DSLRs, well high end anyway ...most rebel uses just use the kit lens

There won't be any new DSLR bodies, period.  Neither APS-C nor FF.  I think that is very obvious.

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