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IR1234 wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

IR1234 wrote:

Chuck6345 wrote:

Still any reliable info on a possible Canon 7Diii before the 3rd millennium?

The 7D3 is out there - it's the R6.

No, it's not.

Why? Because it says 6?

Don't be silly.  Because if I put my 500 on it and crop to get the same field of view as I would on the 7D ii, I'm left with an 8mp image.  And if I'm shooting with the 500 (and let's assume I'm also including the 1.4x), I'm already as close as I can get.

Look at the specs of the two cameras, they are nearly identical with the exception of APS-C and Full Frame.

Pixel density is not. See above.

Where is the APS-C camera in the RF range? There isn't one.


Canon literally aren't making one and have set the RP at the new entry level price point and that too is full frame.

The RP replaces the 6D series, which has been approaching the $1k mark.

We are over 3 years into the RF range - and no APS-C camera. And the 7D2 is now 7 years old and still "no replacement". Yet there is a replacement camera that is identical on nearly every spec - apart from sensor size.

We're a big 7D/7D2 user, we have something like 6 7Ds and 5 7D2s in our fleet. But face it, there is no 7D2 APS-C replacement.


The next move is the R6.

I have it, and so i can say with absolute certainty it is not a suitable replacement.  For long telephoto work i would need much longer, and far more expensive lenses to get the same number of pixels on the subject.  They are different cameras for different uses.

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