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Tannin wrote:

Back to the original topic - when will there be a replacement for the 7D II?

Answer: it has already been replaced by a camera which is very similar but superior in a number of respects, and inferior only in one - frame rate. The 5D IV has been my 7D II replacement, and it has brought better noise, better AF, better low-light AF, higher resolution, improved controls, bigger, brighter viewfinder .... and I don't miss the frame rate even though I've owned a series of fast cameras including 7D, 7D II, 1D III and 1D IV.

I still have my 7D II and use it often, but as a second or third camera behind the superb-in-all-respects 5D IV.

If I put the birding lenses I use with my 7D2 on my 5D4  I need to get much closer to my subject or a I need to do a 1.6x crop to get the same subject framing.

A 1.6x crop loses the light gathering (noise) advantages of the FF sensor and puts me down to 12 Megapixels.

The 5D4 is a good camera but I don’t see it as an upgrade or even an alternative for my 7D2 bird photography.  But a 32 Megapixel APS-C R7 will do it for me


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