Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: cautiously optimistic

thelps wrote:

To be honest I am not afraid of a bit of data loss from a crop.

I have come from being a small 2/3" GR Digital user where the sensor size was still tiny compared to the GT-2 crop. I ask at what point in print size does it matter.

While accessing the 60mm might be nice, there is not a lot of FOV change between 60mm and 75mm.

That goes the other way round too, though. If there is not that much difference, why not give us 60mm without cropping.

I tried to find online one of those example charts but there were none. Fuji does have a 60mm Macro. So some makers have produced that FL. There are Leica mount 75mm lenses so I admit there is a differentiation around.

If we count the Fuji as a 60mm, then we have to count the GR IIIx as a 26mm and it with the teleconverter uncropped as a 40mm. If we go with equivalence, the Fuji is a 90mm. Awesome lens, btw and very underrated.

What is compelling is having that essentially a compact native prime 75mm in my pocket alongside that small GR IIIx. I'll be buying one and just enjoy the images from it.

I may cave in as well, though it goes completely against my reasons for switching to GR. I'm actually more interested in the 106mp crop as it could allow me to get details of buildings etc.

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