When it's not necessary to shoot RAW

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Re: When it's not necessary to shoot RAW

pocus wrote:

I have set C1 for high-speed shooting and C2 for exposure bracketing. In my beginner's opinion I don't need to shoot RAW in these cases.

1. Is there any occasion when I'll need the RAW files in post-processing these files?

2. Do you know any other cases when shooting RAW is not necessary?

Ah... u have accessed a big bag of worms!

I like Dan Bailey's idea (he is the author who wrote a book that finally explained the mind set necessary to shoot with my Fujifilm camera): use jpg + RAW and decide for yourself.

mostly, I am happy with my jpgs.  90% of the time they are as good or sometimes better than what I can do with RAW files in LR.  Exceptions: wide dynamic range photos... or photos with some noise or those where I messed up exposure, photos where I need to crop significantly.

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