Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

Asking for free psychological advice on the Internet will probably result in you getting what you pay for.

A few comments. The X100f is a very limited camera. It is a single focal length lens. The focal length usually picked for fixed lens cameras is equivalent to a 35 mm on a FF camera which this one is. That lens is a compromise. It is useful across a wide variety of subject matter but like any jack of all trades - not great at any one genre. It is the utility infielder of the baseball world. Someone that can come in a play all the positions but you don't win the World Series with a team full of utility infielders.

Will a different camera revitalize your photography or is it just photography you are bored with and can do without. Only you can answer that question. I can't as no one else here can. However, a ILC camera will open a lot of doors that a fixed lens camera could not. But at the end of the day - it gets down to you and your interest and passions. If you are depending on a new XT4 and a couple lenses to turn your life around - that a bit much to ask. On the other hand if you look to a new camera to give you options to explore that a fixed lens camera limited you from exploring - then it might be worth the investment.

In reality it could very well be you have outgrown a fixed focal length camera and feel stifled. It could be that the x100f is limiting growth in your creative abilities - only you can answer that. Each focal length will give you a different perspective on the world.

Some people here have been with photography for 50 or more years. Some people try in and drop it. I don't take as many images as I used to but I am always looking around for potential shots for my camera to return to. So while I don't carry my camera all that often I am always looking for creative photographic opportunities.

You could rent an XT4 and basic 18-55 kit for awhile and see if any magic returns. It's all up to you as you have asked questions only you can answer.

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