Burnt out on my x100f

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Most amateurs cycle on and off

Most amateurs cycle on and off in the hobby. I bought my first SLR in 1974 and have owned another 7 cameras since then, including the X100f you own. This is normal and not to sweat it.  I learn what I can learn in each "on" cycle and over time my knowledge base increases.  There may be a significant amount of time between on cycles and my knowledge might become a bit fuzzy but each time it comes back faster and I expand my photography horizons further and wiling to experiment and make more mistakes easier.

The 100f of course can be used for any time of photography, or just about anything, but it's raison d'etre, its purpose is street photography.  Its limitations are its greatest assets.

I have a suggestion for you. Since I have revealed the "dirty" secret of amateur photographers, cycling on and off, there is a big bonus to this type of behavior.  The quality of used gear in the market place is usually very high.

I am a Canon guy but when I bought the X100f I was so impressed with Fuji, its cameras and lenses, I went on a buying spree and purchased a used X T1 and assorted prime and zoom lenses. Everything I bought looked new out of the box,  thank you amateurs who don't really use their stuff!

When you describe what types of pics you enjoy, I'm here to tell you that the X T1, X T2, and X T3 will all do the job admirably.  If you don't buy the X T4 but instead go with one of the older models and purchase lenses used, you will literally save thousands.  And each of the cameras I have listed are capable of shooting award winning photos.

I have top notch Canon gear and lenses, I own the 5D mk4 and a number of L lens along with some decent third party lenses.  But I'm at a point in my photography life that I know what I shoot and I know the latest and greatest camera and gear won't necessarily get me better photos. So now I purchase much more used gear. My Canon 5D mk 2 was bought used, looked new out of the box, and much of the items that came with it were still shrink wrapped. One Fuji lens I got was a $1200 new, I bought it for $500. If you saw it you wouldn't know it was used.

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