Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: cautiously optimistic

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Why would Ricoh who designed the camera not go with 60mm if they could? It sure doesn't make sense- unless they have some very good reasons not to allow it.

I trust they are making the right calls as probably people would be complaining about losing sharpness and what nots- which are trademarks of their performance and look with the GR. So yeah, I won't be doing this.

What we cannot see in the video is probably what is wrong with the teleconverter at 60mm: either vignetting or very soft corners or bad chromatic aberrations or some mix. Recall that vignette is not the only thing that goes south outside of the center of a frame.

Just like everyone else, i can't see any reason why they wouldn't add the option when it's available....


The 2nd and 3rd screenshots from the video, which I shared above, shows the converter lens placed in front of the GR3x before the camera switches to crop mode, and vignetting is *clearly* not an issue.

It's obviously impossible to rule out other optical performance issues such as the ones you're referring to, but there are some architectural elements extending towards the edge of the scene, and they don't look soft to me at all.

It may not be "perfect", but i think it is still possible to hope that this would be an "almost ok" lens @60mm equiv APSC.

Having an "almost ok" lens before the crop is important for me, because I have other crazy plans with this combo and I won't let you guys ruin it for me

I want to make it clear: you do whatever the heck you want with your equipment, money and time :-).

thanks for the clarification and the permit. I assume this is your polite way of suggesting that i would be wasting all of the above.

No, not necessarily. :-). I am basically making it clear I am in no shape or form suggesting some sort of prohibition. I even told you that it is possible someone pushing the equipment to the edge finds a way to work for their art with all the defects/constrains and compromises this entails. I said that earlier already.

Whether you are wasting all of the above or not depends on what you want to do and expect, but that's not what I am talking about;. I am merely saying -hey- of course do whatever you want, I am not suggesting any kind of prohibition.

I am questioning the notion or implication that somehow we are cleverer than Ricoh and they didn't have good reasons not to do this officially.

and i assume this is your polite way of suggesting that I am just being stupid,

No, you are assuming a bit much here. I am only staying what I said- Ricoh knows better in terms of why they didn't do it and they just have a good reason. Saying that we are trying to play cleverer than Ricoh in why they did or not do things is not equivalent to suggesting "you are being stupid."

You have to look int the mirror why this is what comes to your mind when you read this, that's not on me.

all duly noted, thanks.

No, please scratch out your assumptions. Willing to answer any questions that something is still not clear.

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