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swartzfeger wrote:

brendanpaxton wrote:

I think you misunderstood my tone.

And I was undercaffeinated; apologies... :/

Your question is whether or not to buy into the SA mount... for... Foveon --- or, hold off and jump on the L-alliance (in hopes there will be an L Foveon). But then, you mentioned Leica and Panasonic. Well, they have nothing to do with Foveon, and they will not get you anything that Foveon can offer. Not cult worship here, just the facts. So why mention? To ensure you can sell the lenses after you buy in and then want to jump ship because we'll never get the FFF?

Correct. But it can't be ignored that SA is L-adaptable and Sigma are part of the L alliance, foveon or not.

For previous SA owners it's not an issue. The investment has been made and recouped either through paid work or the sheer love of the craft.

For new people I'm not sure what the value proposition is. The H is discontinued. Out of the 35 SA lenses listed on B&H, exactly two are in stock, the 15mm fisheye and the 150-600. Sigma will never release a new SA mount camera. Despite their claims otherwise, I don't think they've released any SA lenses since the Vision lineup in 2018. This year's I series were L and E exclusives.

Let's say I buy a H. It survives 3 years until a L mount Foveon is released. Perfect! But if the H takes a crap, or the FF Foveon never materializes, then what? How much longer will the Quattro APS-C still be available?

I'm reminded of Gavin's/fototripper recent youtube video where his Sony A7R4 took a sh!t during a sunrise shoot: (the malfunction happens at the 10:00 mark)

Considering the L system as an escape hatch is no less worthy your adapting SA to the Sony E. I'd rather eat a bag of hair than use Sony's UI. I often love printing big and the A7R4 would be perfect but I don't want to wrestle with Sony. I get their appeal though.

The panasonic s1 + kit lens could be had for $2300 last black friday. To your point it's not a foveon, but the Lumix also does a dozen things the Quattro can't do. And there's no reason they can't exist side by side. And if the H takes a sh!t, then the SA lenses I bought can be adapted. Maybe Sigma slash the price of the fp L. 61mp for under $2k? I Would definitely give it a spin. And maybe there's a miracle and we get a foveon L camera in 2023.

To your point of adapting SA to the L not being worth it and FF Foveon being unlikely, then question looming is: why even bother? As I mentioned earlier it's a dead end for a new user.

There are a few options. Consider SA + E mount (not an option). Consider L as a whole, which has some appeal but a lot of unknowns. Or simply buy an H + lens and consider it a loss from the start and whatever use I get out of it is what I get. At the point it dies it's back to KEH and eBay for a used H body or else move on.

What are you adapting lenses for? Video? Stills? You're buying an SDQH with an SA lens. You said you were pursuing Foveon, so... again, adapting only for the L Foveon of the future? That probably won't ever happen?

I think the FF Foveon is more likely than you do but yeah, we're not going to see it before Spring '24 with supply chain issues.

And I think your actually proving the point I've been formulating in my head the last day or so. Why bother?

$1800 for a used H + new SA lens is a pretty big chunk that could go toward a Nikon Z.

Okay, so to that point: you said it yourself, you're pursuing Foveon, inherently a slow methodical way of doing things. The main issue with adapting lenses is... fast auto-focus. A mount is a mount. You could literally tape your lens to your camera body if you needed to. I've never had to repair a lens in the 16 years I've been shooting (not very long, but, still).

Autofocus isn't an issue at all. It's either landscape or focus stacked macros. The issues with adapting would be off center sharpness but I can't imagine doing critical focus stacks with an adapted lens.

My point is that SA lenses aren't useless. They make beautiful images, they're well-priced, and they're adaptable. And, they can be adapted to not only the more common mounts, but the strange L-mount as well.

Yep, agreed on all points. Very adaptable. But not very available.

Maybe ask in the forums if anyone's H has taken a crap? In the next 3 years you'd probably really enjoy the Foveon for what it is, like we have. I don't think very many of us using the SDQH are planning to stop or upgrade to anything else anytime soon. You see people here still shooting the DPs and the SDs from long long ago.

The appeal of Sony for me was simply 4k120p video for YouTube w/blazing fast AF. I can record music performances while I'm bobbing and swaying and still stay in focus. That's pretty great. Sigma SA lenses work for that but are loud when doing so as the Sigma HSM is just very audible when recording with a mic on the camera. But yes, Sony menus are death, I much prefer Sigma's menus.

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