Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

It's not the camera's fault! 

What you're describing is the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of any creative endeavour.

It's all up to you -not the camera.

You can:

-teach yourself how to shoot how to shoot something entirely different that what you're used to. Every photographic style has it's own discipline(s), at least when you're learning them. And contrary to what some might think, you can shoot everything with a 35mm equiv. lens -if you do it right.

-teach yourself how to process your images differently. As above, there's a learning curve to processing in different styles. Getting good B&W images, for instance, requires a lot of good technique, and learning how to 'see' in B&W as you shoot.

-Put the camera down for a while. Maybe a long while. If you're not a pro that has deadlines, and assignments, where's the problem? I assume you got into photography as an enjoyable hobby; why force it?

And as a last resort

-get the wide angle adaptor for your X100F. Like I said, last resort. Spending money isn't going to make your images any better, it'll only make them different. And even then, only to a certain extent. A wide angle adaptor (I have one) gives you a 28mm equiv. field of view, and thus, more possibilities.

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