What is your standard prime?

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Bright day + 1.4 aperture = fast shutter speeds. Really nothing weird about it. I think snapa assumed the car was moving and that every car photo should have a shutter speed slow enough to capture wheel motion.

Ah, good point. I'm glad there's nothing wrong with the shutter speed then. I'm used to shooting in manual and using aperture priority is relatively recent for me.

Agree with sportaccordy that there's nothing weird. You do understand what aperture priority is right? It's wonderful for many many situations. I use it 98% of the time. Though I do look at my SS's. If faster or slower than I'd like I adjust ISO or EC. In your case you could have been close to blowing out highlights (not that there are many in your shot). You could have dropped your ISO to 100 and had a SS of 1/2000. It's all about the exposure, not the setting #'s. Your exposure looks great. Who cares if SS is 1/4000. The cam did what it was supposed to do.

Thanks idsurfer, I much appreciate your reply. Yep, I understand aperture priority, I just wasn't sure if I had a wrong setting somewhere or if it was meant to be 1/4000. But now I'll be more aware of that and how high the ISO is. As you say, I could have switched from auto to manual ISO and dropped it to 100. I didn't know that going from 200 to 100 ISO would halve the shutter speed but it makes complete sense! And exposure compensation is something else I don't think I've ever bothered to use. I know exactly where to adjust it but it's something else for me to always consider.

I like your photo too. But I do understand why shooting at f/5.6 or thereabouts could make the rear tire more into focus. I do that with my portraits too. I shoot wide open (85mm @ f/1.8) if I wanted the one-eye or just the two eyes in focus shots. However, I also shoot some at f/4.5-f/5.6 so that I can get all the facial features sharp.

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