My iPhone daughter wants a 35mm film camera !

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Re: My iPhone daughter wants a 35mm film camera !

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While I've been an avid film user - as in analog - for 30 years, I must admit not having touched the stuff since around 2000. Now, lo and behold, my 26 year old daughter who had so far only taken pictures on her multiple iPhones (most of which got stolen or lost - sigh) now wants a 35mm film camera ! Some of her friends have used disposable cameras to have the "analog effect" and to experience what it feels like to only have 36 exposures at your disposal instead of 2000. Now she wants a used no-frills compact cam she can try multiple types of film on to get a sense for the grain. Am I proud ? Am I happy ? Hell yes !!! Am I surprised ? Even more so...

Her passion for film will soon end when she has to pay for the film, wait for her badly exposed photos, none of which are to her liking, and even more so when she inserts the film badly and the whole thing freezes.
I was so happy when I got my Kodak Instamatic on my 12th birthday, and how happy I was when the digital camera revolution became affordable, and I could put my film camera in the bottom drawer for good.


Was just thinking the same. Is she who will pay $.50 (maybe a $1 now) for every shutter release? I would never go back to film, but I understand the curiosity; it's a fad. I can get the same result in PP and no dust, sharp images for a minute fraction of the cost. Just spent hours scanning old photographs... nope, ain't going back!

First you buy the film. Then pay for processing. I have no idea what current prices are, but I sure don’t mis laying out money for every roll of film twice.

Up front costs of going digital are high, but there’s not much outlay after that, except for the G.A.S. Tax. 😛

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