Landscape advice?

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Re: Landscape advice?

Ok here is some advice on the basis of the Xtrans 3 and 4 sensor, but it may also apply on your X100, no harm in testing.

The sensors that i named are iso invariant, which means that the iso value is purely digital gain, nothing more. Simple explanation. If you take a 2-stop underexposed image at iso 160 and boost it in post by 2 stops, you will get the same result as just using iso 640 at the time of taking the photo.

So to take advantage of the 12 stops of dynamic range and expose for the highlights at iso 160, and then you can bring up the shadows how much you want.

That way the highlights of your image stay at iso 160 and only the shadows will be higher iso.

otherwise don't shoot at over F8-F11, diffraction will be noticable and will worsen your image quality.

Also take off the 2x teleconverter, it noticably worsens the image quality, so ONLY use it when you need to go higher than 300mm, for that particular photo you only went 140mm, so you could have done that without the converter.

But the image itself is nice, just a bit mushy.

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