Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

selrond wrote:

A little story of mine if I might:

I bought myself x100f about 2 years ago as my first camera ever, partly because of my long-time interest in hobby photography but mainly because our kid was born, and I wanted to capture the fleeting memories for years to come.

It was an investment.

What followed was the pure joy and excitement of learning to work with the camera, learning the basics of photography, work with the scene, the moment, the light, then editing and so on. I was documenting every family gathering, almost every day of our family life, etc. I was taking x100f with me everywhere. I loved it.

But then, after a year or so, I've noticed I use it less and less. Somehow the excitement wore off, or disappeared. I also started noticing the imperfections and limitations of the lens (f/2 closeup performance...). Suddenly, I was not finding interesting scenes / subjects to shoot. The film simulation colors got boring. The focal length got boring.

In parallel to the gradual boredom with x100f, I've started to look at various other focal lengths & thus bodies as well (X-T3, X-T4). In fact, I've even started saving up for the X-T4. I'm finding it to be really exciting to look at the output of various lenses and what I'd be able to do with them (GAS?)

My concern though is this:

What if the same thing repeats and I find myself with x100f & X-T4 with a couple of lenses and a couple of thousands spent on it, not finding joy in it like it seem to be now?

And - more generally - has anybody had a similar experience to mine? Being burnt out on photography / camera, not knowing why? (It's my hobby, I'm not forced to it).

I'm not even sure I ask the right thing, just tried to summarize what's going through my head for some time now.

Thank you for any help

Honestly, there's really no good way to predict the future and whether an X-T4 (for example) would result in the same issue after a period of time. You might start by simply renting a kit (body and a couple of lenses) for a week or so and really running it through its paces. See if it "recharges your batteries" and offers creative avenues that your current camera simply can't. There's no guarantee that any excitement you feel after that trial will "stick." However, it may enable you to explore aspects of your hobby that might not have been possible with your X100F.

See how you feel after that trial and be as dispassionate as possible in assessing whether a purchase would significantly improve your ability to explore opportunities that otherwise might be more difficult with the camera you have. If it doesn't make enough of a difference to directly impact your photography and creativity then you will have saved yourself a boatload of money.

In my case, I don't need a rental to realize that the X100F is absolutely the wrong camera for me. I rely heavily on having a fairly wide set of FL ranges available. I would find the constraints of a fixed lens camera to be totally unacceptable... but that's strictly my own perspective, and clearly it's a very individual thing. Perhaps a week with a different body might help shed some light on what's best for your own specific needs.

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