What is your standard prime?

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Sigma 16mm f1.4 is my daily and most used. It can do almost anything. Second most used is the Sigma 56mm f1.4, I love the look it gives. 56mm

I've shot a lot of cars at car shows, and I've never shot any at 1/4000 at f1.4.

It looks pretty bright out.... he prob wasnt shooting manual and was focusing more on subject isolation rather than trying to capture motion. For all we know the car was parked or sitting still anyway..

Yeah, it was a stationary car and my Flickr app says I was in aperture priority. I don't understand why the SS was 1/4000 though. Thinking about it now, I've had a few photos that were 1/4000 which I always thought was too fast. I can only put it down to user error, there must have been a setting I had wrong somewhere.

Bright day + 1.4 aperture = fast shutter speeds. Really nothing weird about it. I think snapa assumed the car was moving and that every car photo should have a shutter speed slow enough to capture wheel motion.

Ah, good point.  I'm glad there's nothing wrong with the shutter speed then. I'm used to shooting in manual and using aperture priority is relatively recent for me.

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