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Re: Let it go...

Tannin wrote:

JPAlbert wrote:

Tannin wrote:
"Multiply me by the thousands upon thousands of others out there who are now sitting on their wallets because Canon is too stupid to service a ready market, and we are talking serious money they have walked away from."

Do you still insist on buying a car with a carburetor (instead of fuel injection)? If so, where do you find them?

The day of the "mirrored" camera is just about over.

Nonsense. Fuel injection does everthing a carby can do as well or better, and some things a carby can't do.

Mirrorless viewfinders, on the other hand, are grossly inferior to good optical ones.

Well, I think/know Canon does not agree with you ...

I couldn't care less what technology my camera uses - mirror, mirrorless, or little green pixies - but I will not put up with a low quality viewfinder on an otherwise high quality camera.

SLRs will be manufactured for at least the next 30 years, same as rangefinders went on being made by high-quality specialist makers for decades after the (film) SLR came along.


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