Selling some of my gears/lenses to finance a pro zoom. Your opinion

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Selling some of my gears/lenses to finance a pro zoom. Your opinion

I'm owner of 3 cameras. EM10.2 , EM5.2 and GX9.

Although I love all 3, I end up using 10.2 because of its size portability. For my video channel i use my GX9 and perhaps for demanding photos because of the newer sesonor. I really like the EM5.2 but it is covered by 10.2 unless it has bad weather I carry it with me due to waterproofing.

I also have 3 primes 17, 25, 45 and 3 zooms 12-32, 12-50 and 40-150.
I use the primes more and more lately because of the result that satisfies me.
The ranking order for me is
17 1.8 Laowa is the best for city and countryside and good for video because of MF
45 1.8 fantastic IQ it's more and more useful for me.
12-32 size you carry him with you everywhere
25 1.7 good results strange frames I don't use it a lot
12-50 at first I liked it but less and less lately.
40-150 excellent up to 80mm but the Oly 45mm with a crop can cover up to 60mm with much lower lighting enviroment.

Apart from 12-32, no other zoom drives me crazy.
The question that arises is the following.
I want to buy a 12-45 pro zoom and I want to sell some of what I have to finance it.

what would you do in my place?

  1. Selling ​​the Oly 05.2 (approximately at 300 euros)
  2. Selling ​​10.02 (about 200 euros)
  3. Selliing ​​the GX9 (around 350 euros)
  4. Selling ​​it 12-50pm (110 euros)
  5. Selling ​​the 40-150pm (70 euros)
  6. Selling ​​at 25pm (90 euros)

My flickr

My youtube channel

On my last 2 weeks detox trip and hiking i decided to carry my smallest body EM10.2 2 batteries and 3 lenses 12-32, 25,  45. Less is more

 HellasPeris's gear list:HellasPeris's gear list
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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9
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