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Re: yes its coming

Leigh A. Wax wrote:

Canon maintained it's leadership over the LSR/DSLR era with a marketing strategy of offering cameras prioritized for differing needs, priorities, and price points; and just because they designed a new mount, and went from SLR to mirrorless, there's no logical reason to totally abandon the strategy that placed them at the top for decades.

The only reason that the RF line doesn't currently reflect the former DSLR line is due to to a global epidemic that has slowed everything down; and though it may seem discouragingly long for some, hopefully by the end of 2022 there will likely be an R7 -7d2 replacement, and an R5-s/r- 5Ds/r replacement.

The "1" series will continue to be prioritized to the needs/wishes of Professional Sports/Action photographers where many other aspects trump mega resolution.

The "5" series will continue to be prioritized to the needs/wishes of Landscape, Studio photographers where some degree of "higher" resolution is desirable.

I am not sure that Canon is thinking REPLACEMENT. Evolution and transition? Times have changed. The concept of a LARGE camera designed especially for FF (wit the new larger mount) to house a reduced sensor is strange. What I see, is the possibility of a larger sensor  aka medium format. Not being versed in optics, this may not work at all... The new VR lens, though, using 1/2 of the sensor for each lens may be a step towards larger sensors in the future.

Competition in the ASP-C mirrorless is currently well handled by the Canon M series with the M50 a best seller. I see very few advantages (for Canon) to insert such a sensor in premium FF body.  In fact, with cropping of 45 Mpix, you get the same results in FF as an ASP-C sensor. The issue of the format also relates to the BIGNESS of the FF lenses and camera housing a small sensor.

Going forward, smaller sensors cameras will continue to be eaten alive by the cell phones.

We do not know Canon's vision. We know, though, that their current strategy of introducing premium lenses and bodies is paying off. Why introduce an ASP-C camera? To save a bit on the sensor cost? But the M6 is close, in price, to the RP (FF). We may reached a point where the difference between an ASP-C and FF sensor costs is much smaller than it used to be ten years ago.

The R1 might be on the horizon. Pandemic or not, I suspect Canon pays a lot of attention to the R3 sales and current 1 DSLR series. Intuitively, I see an R5/6 Mark I before an R1. In the past, Canon has been experimenting some new features in the lesser series before introducing them in their flagship bodies. I see that trend continuing with the R5/6 series.

What about an RP Mark I with IBIS at $899 with a kit lens?

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