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davidzoltan wrote:

My question is the same.

What is the best power strategy for a newcomer MILC user who used a DSLR?

There, the body turn off after few seconds. If you want to take a photo, just push the shutter button half way which wakes up the system. You make the photo and after 6 seconds the system is sleeping again. You don't need to turn off the camera for months literally.

Now what to do when I'm walking in the city all day with a MILC?
After I make a series of photo should I turn the camera off? After few seconds or minutes turn on for that 2-4 photos and...

Is there a sleep state here as well?
Is that normal that I make 5-15 power cycle in an hour of using?

No, don't cycle the power. Rather just set the sleep and power off timers and let the camera sleep and then power itself off. Set the sleep to a relatively short time and the power off to the longest period (four hours on my Oly) during which the half-press will resume operation. This allows the camera to sleep for as long as possible before requiring the power to be cycled which runs the boot up and sensor cleaning routines.

Not a problem to use the auto EVF feature with the big display turned off to extend battery life. What else can I do for more battery life?

This, combined with the sleep optimization should get the most out of each charge.

Thank you


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