What is your standard prime?

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Sigma 16mm f1.4 is my daily and most used. It can do almost anything. Second most used is the Sigma 56mm f1.4, I love the look it gives. 56mm

I've shot a lot of cars at car shows, and I've never shot any at 1/4000 at f1.4.

It's weird, that he have set ISO 200. But in general it's nothing unusual. Shooting in bright day in aperture priority with f1.4 (due to background separation) - autoiso choose ISO100 and SS will easily climb to 1/4000.

I'm wondering why you took this shot of a still car at that SS and apeture, just curious.

Regarding the 200 ISO, I agree it should have been 100. Actually more recently I discovered a wrong setting on my camera where my minimum auto ISO was at 800. I had previously set minimum auto ISO to 100 and max auto ISO to 5000. But with fiddling around in the ISO menu I had accidentally changed it to 800 without knowing. I'm wondering if I accidentally changed it to 200 ISO when this car pic was taken.  Oh well, it's a mistake I'm aware of now and won't let happen again.

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