Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: I mean seriously...

sprocket-docket wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Why would Ricoh who designed the camera not go with 60mm if they could? It sure doesn't make sense- unless they have some very good reasons not to allow it.

I trust they are making the right calls as probably people would be complaining about losing sharpness and what nots- which are trademarks of their performance and look with the GR. So yeah, I won't be doing this.

What we cannot see in the video is probably what is wrong with the teleconverter at 60mm: either vignetting or very soft corners or bad chromatic aberrations or some mix. Recall that vignette is not the only thing that goes south outside of the center of a frame.

Sure but I don’t see how’s that relevant to what I said: Ricoh knows better and they thought it wasn’t worth doing  I trust their engineers who tested and designed the camera and teleconverter

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