Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: I mean seriously...

rondom wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Why would Ricoh who designed the camera not go with 60mm if they could? It sure doesn't make sense- unless they have some very good reasons not to allow it.

I trust they are making the right calls as probably people would be complaining about losing sharpness and what nots- which are trademarks of their performance and look with the GR. So yeah, I won't be doing this.

Fair enough, you might still want to leave the door open to the idea, without categorically ruling it out

why would Ricoh not do it?  They aren’t stupid   That’s why I am ruling it out

maybe it’s fair to say someone pushing the limit and is aware of the constraints do some good work with it but picture if the issue is for example light falloff or lack of sharp the compared having to deal with “griiix af is not good” because the camera can’t lock focus well in many situations

so yeah what exactly would Ricoh engineers be missing that somehow we would know better? Nothing  which is why I don’t leave the door,open

If you're worried about contacts, I'm sure there will be dummy third party alternatives, such as the one NISI makes for GR3.

oh the constraints I am talking about are necessarily optical physical constraints

it could be less than perfect corners, but it could also be that they are not considering 60mm as a "valid" focal length.

i don’t think so  they have that in the Pentax apse range as a prime

I'm not aware of any 60mm equiv lenses on film or digital.


I agree that would be a strange decision, but wouldn't be their first:

Ricoh is not allowing 4:3 aspect ratio for no apparent reason, neither.

Your explanation for the "wide" label appearing was interesting: maybe it is a firmware glitch.

I think it’s pretty straightforward to see that particularly when you are playing with the contacts connection

I think we can’t be more clever here than Ricoh  they sure know better on this

Maybe my excitement was premature, we shall see.

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