Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: I mean seriously...

maltmoose wrote:


I've had a few thoughts on this and i think the reason for Ricoh not by default allowing the 60mm full image is due to loss of sharpness and aberrations in the outer circle with TC attached. No doubt to keep the teleconvertor at a reasonable size and weight with decent opitcal quality in the center.

The reason i say this is because i tested the GRI wide angle lens on the GRIII and you get the full image of coarse but the image quality at the edges is not great. (the GRI wide angle lens is smaller and lighter than the the GRIII wide angle lens)

However, i also tested the GRI wide angle on GRIII with the the square crop 1:1 image ratio and the quality was pretty good as you loose the edges, certainly useable so in theory it maybe possible to get a full image with TC at 60mm with the square crop 1:1 with acceptable quality. (if you block the contacts on the adapter)

Hope that doesnt get people too exited, its just a guess at this stage.

I do still have the GRI and GRIII wide angle and the GRIIIx on preorder with a shipping notification so hope to get it soon.

Unfortunately i didnt order the GA2 adapter and TC as wanted to wait for confirmation on its quality.

With regards to the WIDE showing on the GRIIIx i think this could just be due to the way the mechanical switch works, with it having to pass though wide to get to the TC trigger point. Could be fixed in a firmware by disabling wide on GRIIIx only?

Appreciate your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing the results of your experiments. The other add on lens I'm half hopeful about is the gm-1. Gr3x lacks gr3's macro capability, so why not give it a try.

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