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Re: Some Sigma Quattro/H questions

swartzfeger wrote:

Whooooole lot of conflation going on here.

Sigma, Panasonic and Leica aren't comparable? They share a mount. Absolutely comparable. Strangely, you say? We're not comparing fish and bicycles here. We're talking three different manufacturers with precisely the same mount.

I'm not "scared". The concern is that 1) I'm spending money on an ecosystem that is no longer being developed. SA has been abandoned in practical terms. No more bodies, no more lenses. Repairs could be possible if sent to Aizu possibly but who knows beyond that. And 2) as Lloyd Chambers and many others have pointed out, adapting lenses can be a crap shoot.

10 years ago you could drive 5 blocks or 50 or 100 miles to the closest Best Buy if your body took a nose dive and you needed a quick F or EF mount body replacement for a road trip. If I have a road trip planned to death valley or moab and my Quattro takes a crap can I even find a replacement on eBay, let alone have it shipped in time?

I'm not "scared" -- I'm weighing normal concerns here with how much money I should sink into lenses in an ecosysem with limited support and their adaptability on a FFF that may never arrive. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask these things.

I'm genuinely happy your adapted SA on Sony works for you. Unfortunately I have no desire to shoot sony. Your success in adapting SA lenses doesn't obviate my concerns so you can keep your tone and attitude. I'm not attacking your sacred cow here.

I think you misunderstood my tone.

They aren't comparable, particularly for your question. Sigma SA is image quality first and foremost at a cheap price (Foveon). Sigma L is (currently) overpriced, clunky, and kind of dead. The others: Leica L is high-priced fashion with no other notable selling points (Bayer). Panasonic is cheap of the cheap in terms of quality, albeit with the very best image stabilization (Bayer).

Your question is whether or not to buy into the SA mount... for... Foveon --- or, hold off and jump on the L-alliance (in hopes there will be an L Foveon). But then, you mentioned Leica and Panasonic. Well, they have nothing to do with Foveon, and they will not get you anything that Foveon can offer. Not cult worship here, just the facts. So why mention? To ensure you can sell the lenses after you buy in and then want to jump ship because we'll never get the FFF?

What are you adapting lenses for? Video? Stills? You're buying an SDQH with an SA lens. You said you were pursuing Foveon, so... again, adapting only for the L Foveon of the future? That probably won't ever happen?

Okay, so to that point: you said it yourself, you're pursuing Foveon, inherently a slow methodical way of doing things. The main issue with adapting lenses is... fast auto-focus. A mount is a mount. You could literally tape your lens to your camera body if you needed to. I've never had to repair a lens in the 16 years I've been shooting (not very long, but, still).

To me, the whole question is obviated, because the "cons" aren't really cons, and the pros are really pros. Unless you're planning on smacking around your SA lenses and hoping for endless supply of replacements.

My point is that SA lenses aren't useless. They make beautiful images, they're well-priced, and they're adaptable. And, they can be adapted to not only the more common mounts, but the strange L-mount as well. You will not be crippled by buying SA lenses (unless you, hard stop: REQUIRE, liquid-smooth fast autofocus during video shoots on another platform).

Also, regarding IR imaging, there are a bunch of IR images in my gallery link (below in signature) shot on SDQH.

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