What am I doing wrong? (color noise Sigma SD Quattro @ ISO 100)

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Re: good bokeh means comprises elsewhere..

Dimych72 wrote:

Regarding the noise, this cameras, opposite to a Bayer-type, require lots of light. More light, easier for math logic to identify the colour and thus less colour errors.
Try using ISO 200 ( key point), intelligent metering and exposure correction +0.7 … + 1 (according to situation) or in another words expose for shadows. Your goal should be to lighten all dark areas. Don’t care about blown highlight on camera’s screen. Then in SPP pull from lights and correct the exposure.
This will not work with iso100 (!) because it may be just extended iso and lights will be lost, but you can pull from lights a lot at iso 200

This concept is very interesting to me, because you DO see this behavior on... Bayer type sensors, specifically ones that are applying their own color profile to the image.

For example, the Sony FX3, when shooting in SLog3 color profile, the base ISO is 640. Which seems pretty high, right? Any ISO setting below ISO 640 will result in very poor detail, including, just as you say, blown-out highlights. It is counter-intuitive to walk outside on a bright day, and force yourself to use ND filters up at a higher sensor gain of ISO 640, when you'd think you could just go down to a lower ISO.

HOWEVER, when shooting the Sony FX3 in S-Cinetone, the base ISO changes to ISO 100, not ISO 640, and the phenomena you describe changes completely.

What is the base ISO of the Sigma SDQH? Does anyone know? I've always shot at ISO 100 on the SDQH, but think I might test it myself and look at highlight detail, just because I've seen it myself on Bayer sensors.

THAT BEING SAID, you are incorrect regarding exposure - exposure is detailed perfectly by xPat. When shooting digital, always always always expose for highlights. When shooting film, always always always expose for shadows. Digital = shadow recovery. Film = highlight recovery.

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