When is Nikon going to replace the D500 with an affordable capable sports MLC?

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Re: When is Nikon going to replace the D500 with an affordable capable sports MLC?me cases

Dbltfarmer wrote:

Do you have a Z camera? Have you compared it? I’ve tried it with two D 500’s and one D850. Yes they were properly fine tuned. The z6II beat all three with both the 500 pf and the Sigma 150-609 sport. Again, these were long distance wher the subject was the same size or smaller than the focus point.

Yes (Z6), and absolutely tested it both with my 200-500 and my 500PF (and other lenses) and I’ve repeated it since.  Both lenses have been fine tuned to the D500 and have maintained consistent adjustments over time but are noticeable but not ‘big’ including with the 1.4 TC iii.  I see no difference in AF accuracy with single point. That’s to say the Z6 AF isn’t bad as many claim.  But the D500 is better with tracking.  I’ve no real way of testing absolute speed but my feeling is the D500 still edges it.  
Maybe the difference is size of the subject. I rarely bother shooting subjects that are smaller than a focus point.  Simply too small to bother with such tiny subjects except for identification purposes.  Unless, that is, you are talking about the subject’s eye which I do quite a lot of.  In which case, my D500 sweet spot on the focus indicator is fractionally above the bottom line of the square and not in the centre of the indicator box.

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