When is Nikon going to replace the D500 with an affordable capable sports MLC?

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Re: When is Nikon going to replace the D500 with an affordable capable sports MLC?me cases

Dbltfarmer wrote:

I have used the D500 since it first came out. I shoot both wildlife and sports and the D500 has been a workhorse for me. However, I have used the D850 with a grip and now the Z6II with a grip. I will probably get the Z9 when it comes out.

The D500 certainly had its attributes but so do the Z cameras. While I find the tracking wanting on the Z6II in some cases, the accuracy and speed of the initial acquisition of the subject is very quick. Buffer and FPS is not an issue and don’t find the blackout to be a minor issue.

Other quirks like more menu driven settings and the focus modes take some time to get used to but once you do changing settings become faster, easier and more intuitive.

One of my favorite things about the Z6II over the D500 is the long end accuracy. In this wide open spaces of West Texas, often times we are trying to get sharp focus on wildlife at some of the max ranges of our lenses. Certainly we are not filling the frame, however the z cameras have a much more accurate AF in single point than the D500 or the D850 and it is not even close.

I have to take issue with this.  The D500 with AF tuned (as any DSLR on long lenses) has AF accuracy that isn’t bettered in single point accuracy on Z’s.  Theoretically, yes, on sensor should be better but properly adjusted lenses, I just do not see that.

As we see more firmware updates, I think we will see much improved tracking with the z cameras as well as other upgrades.

I bought my first Z camera to learn about the system and what attributes it would have for my photography. What I have found is that there a lot more positives than negatives with the Z over the D500.

4 years ago I was carrying a D500 with the Sigma 150-600 sport on hikes and the football fields. Today I am carrying a Z6II with a 500 PF and I am getting better IQ, faster AF with better accuracy in a much smaller package that allows me to get closer to my subjects in the wild.

Yes, I’m hardly surprised because the 500 PF is a significant step up from any of the superzooms in terms of both IQ and the lens’ AF speed (not to mention price too). And yes, it’s much lighter, easier to carry and handle in the field.  Those factors alone have a significant impact on success rates. 
So it’s hardly just about the body.  Though if the Z90 is a announced with the Z9 I’ll instantly put in a pre order and then wait for the reviews to see if I will buy.  Just like I did with the D500!

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