Angling the light: a quick demonstration using just one light.

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Re: Angling the light: a quick demonstration using just one light.

The real answer is to keep both. Constant lights are wonderful, until you're in a mixed ambient environment with no way to black out your set.

Ronnie99 wrote:

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Dspider wrote:

couldn't imagine using continuous lighting in my studio, myself (selfies)and the client(models) couldn't see themselves in the preview monitors due to being blinded by the lights.


I switched to continuous lighting about 2 years ago and have never had any problem with "blinding" light. I use the same modifiers I used with strobes and choose an ISO setting of 200 or 400 (occasionally 800), but that is not a problem with today's sensors.

Continuous lights have been used for decades. There's nothing basically different today.

With all this continuous light talk, it makes me want to abandon ship with Flash. As a beginner I feel like it would be great to see what I am getting in real time. Right now I have 2 flash guns, one studio strobe and an AD200, all Bowens mounts. If I sold everything, what would you recommend to get started? I like to shoot portraits and possibly some food/product photography in the future. I suppose like most things it depends on how much I have to spend. I've heard decent things about Aperture continuous lights. I've also heard about Nanlites. Thank you

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