What is your standard prime?

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Re: What is your standard prime?

Martin_99 wrote:

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WhoKnow wrote:

Why FF lenses will be faster in AF? I always thinking it have slightly bigger and heavier glasses, which is harder to move for focusing and thus it should be a bit slower.

P. S. Very interesting rating, because Sigma 60 2.8 I could get here used only for $100, compared to $320 for Sigma 56 1.4 and $200 for Sony 50 1.8 also used.

I don’t know if I could come to a conclusion on this with only one lens. But my 50/1.8 OSS was slow to focus and thus I ended up trading it in for the Sony Zeiss Sonnar 55/1.8 which is a FF lens. The Sonnar focuses fast and it is clearly my fastest lens when it comes to focusing. Not only I use it for model shoots but also for sports and indoor entertainment.

I would say, that it more relate with price than format. You are comparing $360 VS $1000 lens.

I still have 50mm OSS, on newest gen. body is AF speed fine IMHO. Surely not on the level of of newer lenses with linear motors, but better than eg. new Tamron f2.8 primes or old Sigma f2.8 primes.

For sure it’s one of the perks of the premium lens. I also love the rendition of this lens certainly one of my faves.

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