My iPhone daughter wants a 35mm film camera !

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Re: Improving your photography with limitations

pannumon wrote:

She likes the fact that you have to slow down and really think before taking a picture on a 36 exposures roll of film. How that came about, I have no clue...

This is actually a good reason. You don't want to take snapshots on film.

In my opinion the best way to improve your photography is to think what you are doing, and film kind of forces to do that. Using prime lenses work the same way.

Using manual lenses, whether native or adapted, takes it a step further.

The difference between using a a smartphone vs. a film camera with a prime lens is basically the same as easily capturing what is going on vs. making a photograph out of it.

There is an interesting contrast between youngsters using film and people using a retro-styled digital camera in fully automatic mode.

Then there are those who choose to set up and use their whizz-bang feature packed digital cameras with a very basic, all manual method.

You have access to all sorts of incredible tech, but it’s a way of disciplining yourself to slow down and be more deliberate. Most of my better photos are shot with manual prime lenses.

I would never want to return to film, although there was always something special about the anticipation when processing a roll of slides and looking at the results.

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