What is your standard prime?

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Martin_99 wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

+1 for the Touit and +1 for the shared pics!

The T32/1.8 always impresses me, but I'd prefer the E35/1.8 because of OSS on non-OSS models. I have done the indoor tests, and, at least for myself, it makes a difference.

I'd also suggest the T24/1.8, I have many great images with it.

I think that Sony 35f1.8 is nice for video due to OSS. I bought it mainly because of compact size, but sold it as I didn't like image quality at f1.8-f2.4.

No personal experience with Touit, I would just worry about reported below average AF performance acc. today's standards (speed, noise). Not everybody care of course.


Select: Camera=Sony; Mounted on=Sony A6000; Lens Type=Prime, Mount Type=Sony E

I don't think that all that much has changed. Focus and progress has been on FE lenses, and there are some impressive ones to pick there - but with added cost and bulk.

The lens I never got was the Sigma S30/1.4 - it was a winner for a long time.

The Touit 32/1.8 comes next, followed by the E24Z/1.8, then the E35/1.8 and the S30/2.8 below that. For the price, I would add the FE28/2.0 also, it is a good lens for APS-C too. It does focus faster too.

In my experiences, having used all but the S30/1.4, the E24Z and T32 rendered colors best.

In lowlight there are two distinct differences: a) lit subject (e.g. performances, street scenes) and b) unlit subject (including people indoors). For a) a non-OSS lens works rather well, but for b) I always got better results with an OSS lens (e.g. at 1/30th), unless the subject moved (shooting in bursts helps).

Focusing has not been an issue in my case (bursts help here too, unless subject was approaching dead-on).

As to the focal range drop-off below f/2.4 - it never really became an issue. During daytime, stopped down operation avoids the issue completely, and if shooting wide-open, the subject lighting and background are typically such that the loss of fine detail becomes immaterial.

I traveled with all but the T32/1.8 lens, that one I only used locally. Still, my ranking would be similar to the DxO ranking.

But then again, ymmv.

Sony did not update these lenses, and the Sigma S30/1.4 kind of became the go-to lens. But the lack of OSS stopped me from getting it, and I turned to FF instead. Also, the size is a bit large.

I did travel with the E20, E24Z, FE28, S32, E35, among other lenses (different trips), and I would recommend the E35 because of OSS, size, cost, and rendering.

I have quite a few 35mm lenses, including legacy lenses, and some are noticeably better (on APS-C), but during travel when you never know what the next occasion will be, I found that the OSS made the lens a winner.

Now, on a IBIS body, I would pick the T32/1.8 (not the S30/1.4), purely because of the size (as I tend to take multiple lenses) and the better colors.

The Sigma S30/1.4 on a IBIS body does produce the best results, according to posts from way back and the various reviews. Again, I have never bothered with this lens.

For fast focusing, you'd have to go to FE lenses, I think. The FE28/2.0 would then be my pick.

Sigma 30/1.4 left ---- Touit 32/1.8 middle --- Sony E35/1.8 OSS right

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