Which system is cheaper on sale, Sony FF or Nikon FF?

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Re: Which system is cheaper on sale, Sony FF or Nikon FF?

james _ wrote:

I'm looking to buy the following lenses:

  • A wide angle prime (a Rokinon will do fine)
  • An f2.8 mid-range zoom (24-70mm, anything around there)
  • An f2.8 telephoto zoom (70-200mm...though I might go for a cheaper, non-constant aperture lens longer than 200mm)
  • A ~100mm macro lens

I've done the non-sale price comparisons myself and between Nikon's year-round refurbished program where available and Sony's 3rd party lenses, Sony does come out a cheaper if I do all 3rd party lenses (esp. with Nikon's CF B memory card slot). However, as a Samsung NX relic, I don't really have a good grasp on what typical holiday sales are like. Throughout the year I've mostly seen a smattering of ~$50-100 discounts for both systems, except for one pretty big refurb sale Nikon USA did awhile back.

The other factor is if I go Sony, I'll probably only be interested in the Sony A7IV, which I'm guessing won't go on sale at all this winter since it will be pretty new on top of covid supply issues. Whereas with Nikon I'll probably go with the Z6 II, which might see bigger discounts.

Either system will do great for me with a different set of tradeoffs so I'm honestly just gonna go with whatever's cheapest this Black Friday or Christmas or whatever's best. Any insight appreciated, thank you!

I am sure the camera bodies are similar, lenses are a different story.  Sony has some amazing choices.

I would consider the tamron 28-200 ($730).  Its fast and good for a superzoom.  You can also pick up a wide angle zoom or prime, there are lots of good choices (such as Tamron 17-28 or Sony 20 1.8).  Down the road if you want to upgrade, Sony has made some amazing GM (top tier) lenses.

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