What is your standard prime?

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Re: What is your standard prime?

My favourite lens is the sony 50mmF1.8. Not the best lens but really good for what I need it. It is sharp, has decent out of focus, quck focus acquisition and images look nice. I always have his lens in the bag along with the 16-70.

I also have the Sigma 30mm 1.4. This lens is sharper than the 50mm and some might find the focal length more useful, but I like the flattering of the subject of the 50mm. But The sigma is a solid lens and I am interested in buying the 16mm f1.4. Another cool 30m is the sony macro. I like using this lens, and the ability for macro is great. but it has a lot of issues such as the distance to the subject for marco and mediocre sharpness when shooting wider. but the lens is so cheap and light that there is no reason not to have it. It is almost like a prime kit lens instead of a zoom. decent, can be used for a lot of situations (when light allows) but it is not going to be very impressive. Great for some detail shots including small items such as watches rings, medals, some mechanical pieces of old things such as typewriters, etc...

I have other lenses such as the sigma 19 f2.8. good lens but f2.8 is not enough for a main prime. This lens was great for static car shows pre-COVID.

I also really like a couple of old vintage primes, but I do not list them as i think if you are going for 1 lens, you want at least autofocus, and if the camera does not have IBIS, I think that OSS is a great feature to have.

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