Is it me or are these lens prices riduculous?

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Is it me or are these lens prices riduculous?

I've had a successful business so far began in 2008 I haven't been on DPReview, for quite a while I would say maybe five or six years now... perhaps even more. I learned a lot of stuff off of this forum and I'm very grateful for all the people who helped me over the last 15 years.. so I just came back to touch base and see what's going on with gear and technology.

But what more intriguing is the pricing of gear especially Canon lenses!!

I haven't bought any new gear since my 5D Mark IV 2 years far as glass..I'm covered from 15mm to 300mm..99% Canon L Glass..

I just casually began looking at some lenses and the prices out of curiosity, to see what's new....and holy moly...prices are just ridiculous!

I remember buying my Canon 135L 2.0 roughly $800 (I'm talking Canadian dollars now) , and now its over $1000.00; then I looked at some other glass. 24-70L, 24-105L 16-35L, 85L..etc..I just can not believe the pricing . Especially on primes which is what Im really looking at..Geeez!!! What happened??!!

Yes I know these are all Gen II and Gen IIII upgrades... but some lenses are close to $1,000 more than what I paid back maximum 10 years ago..give or take a few years

I'm just wondering if this is due to covid and all that's going on. Is this a result of the chip issue as they say...Is it a shortage of production, sales..I don't know.

Anyone know the market well enough to enlighten on this.

Any chance of the prices coming down post pandemic era...

Thanks..and glad to be back!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 Panasonic S1 Sony a1
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