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Re: Let it go...

Tannin wrote:
"Multiply me by the thousands upon thousands of others out there who are now sitting on their wallets because Canon is too stupid to service a ready market, and we are talking serious money they have walked away from."

Do you still insist on buying a car with a carburetor (instead of fuel injection)? If so, where do you find them?

The day of the "mirrored" camera is just about over.

For the time being, the shutter mechanism remains mechanical, but that, too, is about to change (I sense that the upcoming Canon R1 will be both "mirrorless" and "shutterless").

Canon may release another mirrored Rebel (or two).
But I reckon that the 90d is the last mirrored APSC they market, and the 1DXm3 will be the last full-frame camera they sell.

The R-series APSC "R7" seems to have been delayed by covid-related impacts, but may still be coming.

Assuming it gets built and released, THAT is going to be "the replacement" for the 7Dm2.

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