Getting Destroyed by Smartphones

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Destroying the Smartphone

As it happens, I just got back from a Colorado mountain road trip about four hours ago.  And then when I came online to catch up on things, this thread is one of the first I see.

On my trip I had:

  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • Ricoh GR II
  • Sony RX10 IV
  • Sony A7R II

If I had left the A7R II home, I don't think I would have really missed it much, although I did use it some.  I never took a single photo during the trip with the iPhone, although I obviously used it often for many other purposes.

The RX10 IV is an absolute hero of a camera.  It's big and conspicuous, but that superzoom lens is ready for anything at a moment's notice.  Even though I didn't want to carry it everywhere, simply having it close at hand in the car was gold.

The Ricoh GR II was on me at all times, comfortably fitting in a pocket of my vest.  It takes significantly better looking photos than the iPhone, and it is easier to use and much quicker and more convenient to deploy for a quick shot.  I just hate fumbling around with my phone to try and get a shot.

The only photos I took with phones were for other tourists who saw me toting that big RX10 IV and figured I must be a real pro!

My past experience with the iPhone is that it takes somewhat over-processed images that are more "illustrative" than artistic.  If you just want to zip a snapshot to someone to show them what something looks like, it's great.  If I want a photo that I can put up on my big screen monitor and evaluate in traditional photographic terms, it falls short.

The other gigantic difference between the iPhone and the GR is workflow.  The iPhone can easily send photos directly to someone else's phone or post online.  Trying to quickly get photos from the GR II online would be a huge pain in the ass.  I'm not sure I would even know how to begin, because that's just not my way.  I like to bring my photos home, load them onto my desktop computer, edit and sort them in RawTherapee, and maybe eventually post some selected ones.  Getting photos from the iPhone to my desktop computer is a huge pain in the ass.

For what I want to do with my pictures, the GR II destroys the phone in every possible way:  better image quality, quicker and easier to use, more convenient to move the photos where I want and do what I want with them.

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