Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

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I agree with you on the SPP comments. The amount of work just reading through the insane chaos of this thread of alternatives when you could literally just batch convert to TIFF in SPP with zero issues is absolutely mind-boggling.

People will seriously kill themselves reinventing the wheel. "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Of course you can batch convert to TIFF, but then you are stuck with the same settings for all files. Using Kalpanika avoids that and gives an easy way to use at least Lightroom / ACR instead of SPP.

And yes, the wheel is broken at least for some of us. YMMV.

So you reckon a 16 bit TIFF file can’t be edited? Interesting.

Even for WB, I expect a batch edit on Auto WB will be close enough that it can be edited with comfort.

That’s not what I say, obviously.

But when batch converting to TIFF, SPP applies changes that some might like to avoid - sharpening, fill light, … - and again, identical processing is applied to all files. I prefer to work with the (nearly) raw pixels of the DNGs.

It actually doesn't, ya know, if you spend the 3 seconds it takes to click the setting that is 100% raw when converting. Have you ever tried it?

SPP gives you full flexibility, and 16-bit TIFFs are RAW. They, yes, even open in "Camera RAW" in Photoshop. You can even save layers and layers of edits into a TIFF and unpack them and even undo them later.

TIFF is one of the richest file formats when it comes to images. You could make a 50MP TIFF weigh over 4GB on your hard drive if you so wanted.

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