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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

alcelc wrote:

DO as what works put for you. Nothing right nor nothing wrong.

timoteotresgatos wrote:

I have a new phone with a 12mp camera which takes great pics and it even does HDR well for those high contrast days. It even shoots raw+high.

It depends on a few factors:

  • IQ on the image in a size you will usually look at them, says on a smaller screen, and you don't mind the artifacts etc hidden inside;
  • the limitation of lenses of a phone (it won't matter if you are a one lens guy);
  • degree of control and easy of operation (won't matter if you are P&S and under full auto).

Because of the above, I prefer a proper camera rather than return home with a shot to my satisfaction.

I also have a nikon D7000 which takes great pics but weighs as much as whale and is incredibly bulky with my zoom lens.

Thus is a reason, and only reason to use M43 system. A Panasonic GX85, a 12~35 f/2.8 standard walking around lens (eq to 24~70 of FF), a 7~14 f/4 ultrawide (eq to 14~28), a 45~150 f/4~5.6 tele lens (eq to 90~300) plus a 15 f/1.7 prime lens (eq to 30) for low lighting, has a combined weight of <1.3Kg, while only +/-700g always on my hand... I could reduce >200g if replace the f/2.8 zoom by a f/3.5 kit lens.

My setup won't weight me down, but still allows me to enjoy photographing with a nearly full range of focal length of lenses for most usual need. The cost is merely <1 stop of noisier on highee ISO from APSC or 2 stops from FF. I am happy with ISO3200 without NR in PP of my camera. Would it work for you?

I had recently looked at the FF Panasonic S5, which has a body not much bigger than my M43 G85. However while I looked at the L-mount FF lenses, no thanks. I have no confidence to carry lenses of similar coverage as my current M43 setup to walk for hours under all sort of weather condition.

Manageable size and weight, acceptable IQ, good enough lens support at affordable cost is my criteria on choosing a system.

You don't really address the weight AND bulkiness complaint of the OP.

Your N43 system still weighs 426g + 305g + 300g + 200g + 115g + 275g(bag) = 1.6 kg

So, ~10 times heavier than a typical 150 g smart phone.

And easily 100 times more bulky.

It's a matter of opinion to find that "manageable", especially while travelling (the OP context), but it definitely does not compare to a smart phone.

Moreover, while travelling, it's usually better not to attract thieves with pricey stuff flamboyantly hanging from one's shoulder.

PS: I don't use a smart phone for photography while on the move. I only use a small rugged PS (Olymp. TG5)

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