Traveling with only a phone camera

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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

When I traveled to PR to visit family, my cameras were in drydock and I kind of just went with just my LG V10 (one of the best phone cams at the time, actually, and why I picked the phone). I still have photos I go back to.

They are not going to get blown up to wall size. The depth of field isn't the best. They're a little algorithn-overcrisped. But they're still, like, good and I get some good responses by people I don't know personally.

Basically, the photos would have been better on a proper camera/I would have preferred them, but it was also very capable and I'm glad I had it. Phone cams are even better now, so, woo woo.

Good option, not best, sometimes that's just fine! I'd probably try to get a cheap small m43 as an in between but also, like, no shade.

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